RO pure water filtration system was granted patent in the United States, it
was invented by U.S scientist – ORIRAJIN, basing on successful researching and
experimentalizing in the field of water treatment.
RO pure water filtration system is completely automatic operating according
to principle of reverse osmosis. It can handle and remove all toxic mater; insecticides,
herbicides; Radioactive substance; Virus; bacteria; Toxins are derived from
nitrogen, chlorine. Especially can remove all heavy metals in water such as: Mg,
Fe; Cu; Hg; Pb; Arsen… When these substances enter in to the body, they directly
affect the metabolism, causing the diseases of liver, kidney, digestive, neurological
and causes of incurable diseases. By the above reasons, The RO pure water
filtration system is compared as kidney outside body,
Water through the RO pure water filtration system is real purity, can directly
drink no need boiling, It has been gained the standard of TCVN 6090-2004 of
Ministry of Science and Technology